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Why Essential Ketones?

Take your day from ordinary to extraordinary with Essential Ketones – an essential ketone supplement that will have you working more efficiently, productively with heightened clarity and focus. The world patented ingredients, - GoBHB and GoMCT – form a powerful super fuel that you won’t be able to live without.

Essential Ketones is a revolutionary ketone supplement and an essential to get through whatever the day throws at you.

Ketones are the body’s preferred energy source and best-kept secret! They are usually only produced when you starve your body of carbohydrates (glucose), but thanks to Essential Ketones, now you can supplement your body with this super fuel and enjoy boosted energy levels, increased mental clarity and focus without the strict diet.

Taken in the morning after breakfast and again in the afternoon – if you need it – Essential Ketones has no artificial colours or flavours and is both dairy and gluten free!

Essential Ketones1 Serve (100g)Notes
MCT C84gThis type of mct has been shown to raise ketone levels better than a mixture of C8 and C10. It is also believed to lead to high brain uptake.
Vit D3 100000IU/g50mg (5367 IU)Recommended dose for severe deficiency is 5000IU per day. It is important to note that toxicity of oral vitamin D3 is very low, so high levels in supplements are generally not viewed as toxic or dangerous. Adequate vitamin D levels are considered to play a pivotal role in cognitive health.
Insotiol600mgInositol works to support brain cell health and nerve transmission function while also providing the precursor to acetylcholine; the “memory and learning” neurotransmitter. However, it is typically used in multigram amounts for treatment of neurological complaints so it could be one to leave out.
Lutein 5%350mg (provides 38mg of lutein)An antioxidant specific for the eye. Studies show it can help prevent damage caused to eyesight by spending alot of time on phones/computers. Doses in studies range from 5-20mg.
Potassium Aspartate600mgNo specific action on cognition, but included in the formula to balance out the high levels of sodium
Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 700IU/g)500mg (350 IU)Recognised as playing role in brain health. Dose of 350 IU is in keeping with recommended therapeutic doses
Beta Carotene 1%500mg (8583 IU)600-700mg is recommended daily intake, so 500mg per serve is reasonably generous. Another of the fat-soluble vitamins important for cognitive function.
Choline L-Bitartrate500mgA nutrient important for methylation (which is important in brain health) and for helping the liver burn fat (which happens a lot in ketosis). Typical doses in supplement are 250mg to 500mg.
Vitamin K2 MenaQ7250mg (equiv 250mcg Vit K2)High vitamin K levels have recently been associated with better cognition in adults. It’s also recognised to play key role in cardiovascular and bone health. Common dose is 100mcg, so 250mcg is considered a very therapeutic amount.
Zinc Carnosine100mg (provides 21mg of zinc & 79mg of carnosine)Included because of zinc’s synergistic action with magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and because carnosine is a potent brain antioxidant good for congition and memory. 250mg of carnosine is a common dose used in studies, but the ingredient is very expensive – hence use of lower amount.
L-Carnitine Fumarate1gAcetyl l-carnitine is the preferred form for enhancing cognitive function, but I didn’t have any sample stock on hand so just used l-carnitine.
L-Taurine500mgTaurine is becoming a common additive to ketone supplements because it is thought to help support liver function and the liver is the main organ involved in ketone production. Doses of 0.5 to 1g are common.
Stevia (Tasteva)0.18
Nat Mango Flavour EI296760.35
Citric acid0.05
Tastegem Flav SW (Masker)0.00375

Average QtyPer Serve (17.2g)Per 100g
Energy421.9kJ (100.8Cal)2461.7kJ (588.4Cal)
Fat, Total2.88g16.78g
Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (Ketone Body)10.54g61.52g
 -from Mg-BHB1.83g10.7g
 -from Ca-BHB4.2g24.5g
 -from Na-BHB4.51g26.3g
Medium Chain Triglycerides2.88g16.78g


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